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4.0.32 iOS often claims "route not viable" when supercharging

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I just did a 2nd road trip with ABRP.  Unlike the first time, most times when I'd pull into a supercharger, it freaked out and turned the route red and said "route not viable" and I could not figure out how long it wanted me to charge for.  It acted as if I had already departed the charger when I hadn't.    Once or twice it didn't freak out, and displayed the normal charging graph and told me when I should leave.  I finally resorted in just taking screen-shots of the plan so that I'd know how long to stop to charge.


Is this a bug in 4.0.32?

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Hi @Drew,

Apologies for the delayed response.

We did have some issues with 4.0.32 and we had major server issues around the 23rd but this isn't something we've had reports about before. We've since released 4.0.33 so I'd like to ask if you've seen similar behavior despite the update?


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