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Tim H

Charging Network Priorities selection review

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I'd like to mention to review the priorities of charging networks. Currently, we have only the option use it exclusive or ignore it. I'd like to have say something like "take it only if really needed". Here in Germany Ionity, i.e., is very expensive (0.77 € / kWh) for me. I'd go there, is really needed but I like to avoid it if possible. Another example would be EON (which many people call E-Off since the charger are often not working), I'd like to avoid those chargers but I'd give them a try, if needed. I can avoid them completely but I cannot give them low priority. So, I'd like to set priorities for charger networks (like high, medium, low) instead of (high, medium, never use).

What do you think about this? Or did I oversee this option?

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Hi @Tim H,

Agree, it is on our list to implement a 'rather not' level of preference.

However, the levels do work a little bit different than "high, medium, never use" currently. With 'Use exclusively' and 'Use exclusively and prefer' you may create a group of networks to be used, exclusively and some with extra preference among them, instead of setting all the networks you do not want to use to 'never use'.


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