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Fast charger missing which is close to another fast charger

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In the logic to clean up the charger list after combining the different datasources, would it be possbile to eliminate the smallest charger setup? this reduces the faulty part of the impact of this clean up


Or: leave the chargers in if they are provided by  1 source (in the goingelectric database both charger locations are included.

Or: leave the chargers in if they are from different operators (in more and more locations there are chargers of different operators closely co located.

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@Katya-ABRPHi Katya, is it possible to improve the charger logic.

The logic now deletes most chargers on some locations.

E.g.: (McDonald's Deventer A1), Deventerweg 121A, 7418 DA Deventer. 3 allego chargers and 1 nuon triple charger and only the nuon triple charger shown


on Goingelectric.de: all visible


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Hi @BarryH,

Hmm, in this case we should actually be getting data straight from Allego which should be preferred over GE. But you're right in that the Allego charger we've gotten from GE has been erased by the de-duplication process and now only the Nuon is shown.

This is otherwise what we're getting from GE for it: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?charger_id=4703707 (not visible on map or in planning)

I'd need to check exactly how this decision was made and get back to you but I can say that keeping the charger with the most stalls isn't always the correct thing to do. We instead try to prefer presenting information from the source which should be the most frequently updated / has proven to be more accurate and this can vary depending on area.


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