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Bill N

Tronity and BMW i3

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 I’ve started using Tronity to feed SoC to ABRP.

Does using Tronity (and not using Electrified via ODB dongle) enable calculation of calibrated consumption in ABRP?

The settings pages in ABRP would suggest it does because it allows me to set reference consumption to ‘live’ when connected to Tonity.

But can this actually work if the car only transits the SoC via Connected Drive to Tronity when the car is stopped?

If in fact it doesn’t work, then what reference consumption is actually being used when it is set to ‘live’?





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Hi @Bill N,

Sorry for the confusion! Currently a connection through Tronity does not support calibrated reference consumption. We'll correct the error regarding the option to turn on live ref cons.

You can also have a look at this page to see which features are supported in which vehicle model & connection combination:


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Thinking about it though, should it not be possible to retrospectively calculate reference consumption once a journey has been completed?


If ABRP knows where the car went, the speed, the weather, the topography and the start and end SoC, then wouldn’t it be possible to calculate the calibrated consumption at the end of each journey and then, over the course of several journeys, calculate an accurate reference consumption for the specific car in question. 

Yes, it wouldn’t be take into account things like roof boxes etc that may affect consumption on one journey and then not another, but it could be made clear that the calculation is only applicable when the car is used is in a constant configuration (same wheels, tyres etc). 


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Dear ABRP team,

Since the i3 doesn't submit data while driving (only at beginning at and end + charging infos if plugged in) I also was wondering why not calibrate from existing Tronity data? Is this something planned?



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