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Unreliable charger data for ChargePlace Scotland


Hi, a majority of the chargers in Scotland are part of a network known as ChargePlace Scotland. Within ABRP it seems to be getting data for these indirectly, but much of this seems to be unreliable. Many chargers are missing, or do not reflect upgrades done at the sites within the last few years. Some of the chargers also show up with the wrong network name (Charge Your Car). ChargePlace Scotland have a live map with all of their chargers and statuses, I don't know if it would be possible for you to pull charger data from there?


Sometimes the data seems to be coming from goingelectric.de, even when there is better (but still not perfect) data in Open Charge Map.

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Hi @AlistairB,

I can recommend reading this blog post about how we work with data about chargers: 

As mentioned in the post, we would like to be able to fetch data straight from the main source and we do so when possible. Networks tend to be more responsive when actual users ask them to have their chargers added to ABRP so if you'd like to ask them we'd appreciate it. We'll reach out to them to see if they'd be willing to let us fetch data directly ? 

Reason some have 'Charge Your Car' set as network is likely because ChargePlace Scotland states the chargers can be accessed by the public through the ChargePlace Scotland Membership RFID card or the Charge Your Car app. The chargers said to belong to 'Charge Your Car' do come from both Going Electric and OCM but we do have chargers in our database listed under 'Chargeplace Scotland' fetched from OCM also. 


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