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Automatic replan (as an option)

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Description:  When ... for any reason ... I quit the planned route, ABRP will display the "replan" button after a couple of seconds ... or a certain distance from the correct route.

Anyhow, in many circumstances, a NEW OPTION to put ABRP in "auto replan" mode (like almost all routing programs and GPS automatically do !) would be very useful. Under many driving circumstances, finding and clicking the "replan " button can be very distrcting or even dangerous !

Use Case: I would appreciate an auto replan feature (an option to activate or deactivite this feature would be nice ... ) almost daily. I live in a corner of France where there are plenty of possible roads to go from A to B (mostly small roads ..) and the planner seldom makes the best choices for the whole trip. So, I usually have to tip on the replan button at least once each 10 km !

Remember, the more details you can add, the faster we can build out new features!

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Hi @Gilles.B,

We introduced auto re-planning in driving mode a couple months ago. Have you made sure to update the app to the latest version?

It looks like you do not have a connected vehicle and therefore we will instead use your position based on GPS data. In the case coverage is bad and we do not receive a new GPS position as often as needed, we won't be able to auto replan. However, this should be visible to you as the marker on the map won't move as the car does.

Could it perhaps be a needed update or bad connection?


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