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Markus Bo

Can't connect with Tronity

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I tried to connect my e208 with Tronity (I have paid accounts there and here).

In the app (Iphone 12 Pro, 14.2.1, App 4.0.30), nothing happens when I click on "Connect with Tronity".

Then I tried it on my Mac in Firefox (83.0) and Chrome (Version 86.0.4240.198). Both say "Something went wrong, try again later!"

Did it work for anyone, or is it a general problem?




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It doesn't work for me and I also have an e-208, I got an answer from Tronity that sometimes it fails to fetch information from peugeot like milage and gps information.
That got me thinking that maybe it is because I don't have built in navigation in my car.
Do you have a GT-Line or GT with built in navigation?

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