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Apple watch - no data - loading

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same Problem here on my Apple Watch SE Cellular v. 7.6.1 with Apple iPhone 8 v. 14.7.1

On the watch i see one screen with Info: "Setup - Open the ABRP app on your iPhone to"
Not more readable. Swipe left, the app shut down.
ABRP on iPhone is running. I had Premium Account.

Please help or fix this. I testet uninstall and install the app new. Always the same. Mobile Data on watch is off, no eSIM is running.


Thanks for help

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Hi @Cyberfighter,

We're aware there may still be some minor issues with the initial setup of the Apple Watch app, however the previously seen issues with inevitable crashes should as mentioned be resolved.

If you attempt to swipe right before the setup is complete the app closes, yes. This could be handled better.

Aside from ensuring that you are indeed logged in with the correct (subscribed) account in the iOS app, please do the following:

1. Have the iOS app open
2. Now open the Watch App
3. Give it a moment
4. If the connection between the apps isn't established, try a couple more times

Should the issues still remain, please tag me and let me know!


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