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Current release totally messed up

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Description: totally wrong planning, voice navigation, although it's deactivated...
Nonsense planning:
Blue line?
214km with 32%, which is 23kWh, really
Short after that it looks like that
Makes no sense either.
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Hello Katya

Thanks for coming back to me. I think everything is fine, but we need a more consistant coloring of the graph.

Currently: Why is 19% green? Why is the 90% at start in blue is missing?



Blue = Plan with start SoC and planned destination SoC

Green = Actual


If you want to give the user a hint, that he won't gonna make it with starting at 36%, a red doted line could also be shown:


If the start SoC is the same as in the planning, there is just a green dot at the beginning of the green line. Like it is today ;-).


Small addition: During a drive, when the actual SoC is off the planning, the actual SoC is shown in red. Maybe in our example the 36% should maybe red to indicate, that its not good to start with this current SoC. Thanks


Edited by Jojo
To many pictures after Thanks
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Hi @Jojo,

The numbers are your actual SoC and your estimated arrival SoC, those are values that keeps updating as you drive, unlike the blue line which is the initial plan. The dashed line will not be displayed until you've started driving as we then can start predicting. When the planner detects the user will no longer make it the option to view alternate plans will be displayed.

I can also recommend trying the view mode called 'simple' if you haven't yet ? 


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