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Current release totally messed up

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Description: totally wrong planning, voice navigation, although it's deactivated...
Nonsense planning:
Blue line?
214km with 32%, which is 23kWh, really
Short after that it looks like that
Makes no sense either.
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Android OS Version 10

App 4.0.30

I think it plans with 90% at start (like configured), but than shows current SoC in the chart. In the first picture, the 17% should be blue (planned with 90% start, blue line) and there should also be a blue 90% written to the top of the blue line.

In the second pictures the blue 90% belongs to the blue line at the top and, in addition, we could have the green dot with a green number with the current SoC below.

Very confusing.



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I don't know if it's the same issue or not but I didn't want to start another thread with a similar title... ?

I can't seem to use ABRP anymore... A couple of days ago, I set up my entire trip, started the navigation, driven about 3km and then the car's position resets to my starting point and I'm not able to replan or anything. I end up closing ABRP and going with another app on the side of the road.

Then on the way back, I tried it again but wanting to only rely on ABRP for the range and estimated SOC at destination (and counting on Waze for navigation). It didn't get very far before ABRP seemed to freeze up on data updates, so again, I could only close the app and give up on it.

It used to be that ABRP was my #1 go-to EV long distance navigation app but I've had to find something else recently.

Phone is Android 10 Samsung S10e, kernel version 4.14.117-19529858. ABRP version 4.0.30

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