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1,000 km Challenge

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Description:  Detailed description of the feature you want to add.

Enter route, speed % relative to speed limit, and weather conditions  

Calculate trips for all vehicles in the database 

Show the user a table with vehicle, trip time, cost, number of charge stops, time spent at charge stops  

Ability to sort table by field

Use Case: Describe how you would use the feature, or how often.  This helps us assess prioritization on new features.

Remember, the more details you can add, the faster we can build out new features!

Helps user decide which vehicle they may want to buy. For example we primarily focused on Tesla due to charging network in Canada 

This could be a paid feature or provided free with the hope that it increases the user base

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Hi @Rav,

We do have a comparison similar to what you requested actually. You'll find it here:

It isn't yet possible to enter the conditions yourself (it would likely be a bit too heavy for the planner to do all those calculations at once) but it does provide a fairly good comparison on drive vs charge time, number of charging stops etc. in a table.
Cost is however not something we're able to make very good estimates on yet as we're still lacking quite a lot of accurate price information.


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Has there been any big changes to charging times lately?

Did a comparison of a few popular cars in my area 2 weeks ago, and did the same comparison today

notised that the charge times have changed quite significantly since then

As a Ioniq 28kWh owner myself I cant help feeling alittle cheated lookin at the new 38kWh ioniq which got reduced charge time and the old got increased

This does not match my own experience, and does not match Bjørn Nylands real world data

Difference for 28kWh and 38kWh Ioniq for 1000km challange should be about two hours according to Bjørn and not half an hour as ABPR now indicates





Bjørns real world data:


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Yep - many of Bjørn’s tests are mostly a bit of a fun and I think should only really be used to give a general impression of efficiency and charging speed at most. There are just too many uncontrollable variable in real world tests conducted on different days for the results to be properly comparable. Ideally, he would at least test each car once in ideal conditions (mild, dry) and once in reasonably poor conditions (~0°C, wet). As it is, his tests results are dictated more by when he can get cars, and his need to regularly pump out videos, rather than by scientific rigour.

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On 2/19/2021 at 3:18 PM, Jason (ABRP) said:

Note that you're comparing low-temperature performance to mild-temperature performance between Bjorn's two tests, where ours are modelled at the same (mild) temperature.  

Thank you Jason for the reply, note that the 28kWh Ioniq had 91k km on odometer that should influence the result in the other direction

Do you have any comments as to why the charging time of the 28kWh Ioniq has increased by 26% from one week to the other?

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There is somthing funky going on with the 1000km comparison tool

On my phone I get the range in miles at 65mph and the total trip time of 11:48h for the 28kWh Ioniq but on the computer its in km at 115kph and the total trip time of 12:34h

115kph = 71,5mph, so I guess that might explain the difference in consumption and than the longer charge time


I wonder why the metric one is 115kph and not 105kph which is closer to 65mph

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