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Incorrect power when AC charging etron

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Description: ABRP seems to restrict AC charging on etron to 1-phase 32A, i.e. max 7.6kW. I found this error when looking up a route that requires AC charging and saw that the ABRP's estimated charging time was way too long. Presently, etron's can take 3-phase up to 11kW but 22kW is coming. Please fix.
Type: Found on ABRP webpage on Firefox
Here is an example link to where I see the problem:
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@Tromse: I see a stop at Dorotea ...

Where charging from 15 to 70% (55%) takes 4hours, 33minutes.

that makes 12% SoC / hr. 

Typically AC charging has a 90-95% efficiency while the car is powered off.

Etron-55? has 84kWh usable, so: 84*0,12/0,95 = 10,8 kW

So I'm not really sure what the issue is. Do you have a Etron-50?


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