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I’m planning a route with a trailer that goes through Ogden. This segment is red, but there are both Tesla Superchargers and CHAdeMO so I don’t understand why ABRP doesn’t just have me stop at one of them rather than throwing up it’s hands and telling me I can’t get from Tremonton UT to Evanston WY.

I do have CHAdeMO enabled but the ones around Ogden seem to be getting filtered out. ABRP has me stopping at others.

if I zoom in I see them but they’re gray, like they’ve been filtered out.

I’ve not excluded any networks (afaik). 

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Would you mind taking a look at this one too?  Maybe I am just misunderstanding something.  I was trying to figure out how to use ABRP and I'm having trouble getting it to point out chargers!  Since I have a Chevy Bolt I have excluded the Tesla network (in fact I'm surprised that APRB does not know which charger types work with which cars but anyway...) I have explcitly allowed EVgo.  I know there is an EVgo charging station in Bedford, NH USA.  I explicitly told it to start with a 70% charge from Hollis, NH and go to Plymouth NH and back thinking it would tell me to stop in one direction or the other, but nope--it just said no valid plan.

That charger, btw, is shown on the Open Charge Map.  In fact there is another charger nearby as well.

Thanks for your help!


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