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Front load charging stops?


Hi there! I live in Seattle and spend a lot of time in the backcountry hiking, skiing, etc. When I do these trips, I usually schedule a round trip from my house. ABRP almost always prefers to charge on the way home rather than on the way there. For most people this would probably make sense, because batteries charge faster at lower SoC. However, I would prefer to charge on the way there rather than on the way home. I want the flexibility to leave my destination later than planned, in worse weather conditions, via a different route, etc. I don't have this flexibility if I'm getting there with the minimum SoC. Sometimes I also want to run sentry mode at the trailhead. Car prowls are really common at trailheads, and sentry mode can use ~10% of the battery per day.

I can work around the issue by forcing a custom arrival SoC, by leaving home with a lower SoC, or by globally setting the minimum SoC to something higher. None of these workarounds are great. Messing with the SoC can make some good routes impossible and it can choose more charging stops or less desirable charging stops.

I would instead prefer that the algorithm could just prefer charging sooner rather than later, when possible. I realize that sometimes this makes the charging stop slightly longer because the battery charges slower at higher SoC. However, I'm fine with that tradeoff! I prefer to err on the side of caution when I'm in the backcountry.

Here's a simple example of a trip requiring a single charging stop using my usual SoC settings (leave home at 100%, never drop below 20%) that illustrates what I'm talking about:


And here's what I would prefer it to default to (forced in this instance by setting the arrival SoC to 60% for the "point on map"):


Six minutes of extra charging time for a lot of extra peace of mind. What do you think? Is this possible with some setting I'm missing, or is it a feature request? Would others use this? Thanks!

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