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Display arrival and departure capacity via distance instead of battery percentage

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Description:  Give users a toggle to allow for displaying arrival and departure capacity in distance (miles or kilometers) instead of battery charge percentage. ABRP already has information such as type of car (and thus battery capacity), consumption rate, battery degradation, etc. 

Use Case:  I, along with what I am guessing are half Tesla users, prefer to display our battery gauge in terms of miles instead of percentage. So when I plan a trip, I need to see how many miles I have available and take that as a fraction of 240 (for my SR+ Model 3) and plug it into ABRP. Then at each step, no lie, I need to figure out the ending charge percentage recommended, figure how what mileage that ends up being (ie 76% departure charge is 182.4 miles) and stop my charging accordingly. I know I can have it charge longer but I try to optimize my time and want to follow ABRP's plan.

I know there are a lot of variables at play but to me, it should make no difference for ABRP if it displays in distance or percentage. I know that sometimes you might arrive with not the exact distance calculated. But hey, you can also arrive with not the expected battery percentage either.

Thank you.

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