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2019 Bolt Battery Is Different


While investigating the Bolt battery recall, sleuths have uncovered documents from GM that suggest the 2019 has a higher capacity battery than the 2017-2018. The figures are below:

2017-2018: Max Pack Capacity: 185 amp hours

2019: Max Pack Capacity: 200 amp hours

2020: Max Pack Capacity: 210 amp hours

It's difficult to arrive at an exact kWh rating for the packs as the batteries typically don't reach max capacity. The 2017-2018 is officially rated at 60 kWh and the 2020 at 66 kWh. I'm guessing this means the 2019 falls somewhere around 63 kWh. 

A couple questions: Can the folks at ABRP tell from their data whether this is true? Can an option for the 2019 Bolt EV be available on the planning screens (given that GM officially advertises the 2019 at 60 kWh)? If not, what would be the best way to simulate this added capacity when planning a trip?



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