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Intransparent behavior of "reset settings" option

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already planned several routes with my leased ertron 55 which has an estimated consumption of 260 Wh/km.
Now I wanted to change the car to a Model 3 LR 2021. The estimated consumption shows 170 Wh/km. But if I plan a route now, all stops are planned at distances arround 200-240 km which was the expected range of ertön. But TM3 should be able for far longer sections. 
To avoid misconfigured parameters I wanted to reset to "factory defaults". After clicking reset a warning popped in which told me that I have to login afterwards. I confirmed and logged in again. But then my cars still did exist - and the routes being planned still show way too short intersections for the Model 3.
Could that be related to some content blocker settings of my Safari browser or of the 1blocker extension I have installed. I already tried to disable all blocking but that didn't help.
Someone here with more ideas how to proceed? If this state continues then the Premium option won't be a benefit for me.
Thanks and BR,
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This is due to the E-Tron's impressive charge curve, it can maintain a full 150kW pretty close to 80% charge, where the Model 3 starts tapering almost immediately (depending on the speed of the charger you're on).  This leads them to have very similar ideal leg distances.  You can check that out based on our planner calculations on the Car Comparison page:


Resetting your settings to defaults won't really change this, as it's a difference on the actual vehicle model, nothing you can set in your user settings.  You should see that you get faster charge times with the 3 LR than the E-Tron, since even though it tapers sooner, it does charge at higher rates, and it's a much more efficient vehicle.  Looking a route I've done before, the E-Tron would give me charge stops of around 30 minutes, while the 3 LR would give me stops of around 20 minutes each.

Of course, if you're not seeing this difference let me know, it's possible there's a sneaky bug in there somewhere!

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