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Improve screen layout on Android in landscape

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If I try to run ABRP in landscape on my Android tablet this is what I get:
F6VMHywDqs1AI8ISBChELmBbjP6ChGY2JPDcFkU_Description: Replace this text
As you can see, the map is centred on the middle of the screen, but on this tablet the charge chart takes up almost half of the screen.
Would it be possble to notice that the chart etc are open like this and move the current car position to the middle of the part that is visible?  Would work so much better.
Other options might be a more formal split screen with the journey data on the left and the map on the right.
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Fully agree, at the moment landscape mode does not really work. Portrait mode does. But also in my car landscape works better (and once android auto / carplay works that becomes even more important.

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