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Legend / explanation of icons in charging location

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Hi, this is probably a silly thing but I don't know what the different icons mean in the charge location.  I searched for a legend / description and didn't find it.

What do the green, grey squares and red X squares mean?

If I had to guess I'd say green is available, grey is in use and red X is out of order but I'd like confirmation.


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Yes, this is a visual representation of charger status, added not too long ago.

Filled green = Functioning and available
Green outline = Functioning
Red = Occupied
Gray = Unknown
Black with red X = Out of order


Actually found the answer here: 

Mods, feel free to close this topic.

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Hi @michelb,

Nice that you found the other thread, here's a description including pictures of all the different statuses:

For the chargers which have status data it’ll be displayed visually. Each square represents a column of the charger type specified to the left and the color of the squares represent their status.

lVmZFvTmFq9aUge9FEOYWqmcwR7ZBjuKxHITix2rQbkEwpDEe4ihqqhqQgrISxbCTrM6_yTArcfnml4JhKwa0i_HstypuctTb4rylIwsfAXFGrkUGHcjoNMeERNoQj5kdiZM3c6TOperational [Green outline, no fill]
VJ3ZW2pjIOGTani7mch2KbPwCr2eyuDsNH6nNoJoqcy4ii3K7CS2viutJWBooh_GzBfIYAbrYcZWw2jcEIA8EmhxRId5OIs_k5otH_WSXpbGPoGHSIecaSE75CSaF9gRlJ9EsuSwNo data for this column, assumed operational [Gray filled]
upy4FjcLEz55lYxHCEOVlORyQ292OcYEvEe8QZeUsVzC6woFGxMAAY2HyArkjxzU1NZOZ4TLqTrPpubevma-iNP8ZNAyHLJ_JEBBcn5ZBTkcDn1lCwZ_WyWPyoBfH4fqzlQcrrlqNon-operational [Black filled, red X]

Premium users will in addition to this also be able to see usage status for chargers which we have such data for. Currently this is only available for the following networks; Tesla, Ionity, Fastned, Allego and a few more. More are coming.

h1ewvSj2mFSTaXiS9wnLEzk5dUmwOS-4I67rm63n19fqOtwOI85ajoiaq1zke80pIMR1iyqu8xEIFhfqCBBYX4B1PLZrMu4JCCDdZumWUKtILFzAbSvdz5SJV-CWG_uJ6RflC-dROperational and available [Green filled]
cYQ1xAdTmPv-0Cccvm_dmJ1JKqD131feB-PWDVkbM1xGuzX5C5A03XAAqKBUGAr5D0AOyfu_3cZGMxnN86bBD5mrOAb1jXAz9p1FsOhxMzi6nr3WIT45U-_lMAEHAFqSmp3yxi5zOperational but in use [Red filled]


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