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Nevada City, CA to Newport, OR in our Bolt - repeat

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Electrify America has added DC fast charger locations on this route since our 2019 trip.  We used their app on our iPhone.  This involves a user name and password on your cell phone.  It is cheaper than using a credit card.  We never had to wait for a charger.  We saw another car at a charger only once.

We stayed at the 7 Feathers Hotel and used the free ChargePoint L2 charger over night.  This does require a ChargePoint ID card.  There are lots of charging options on this route including motels with overnight charging but it requires preparation.  We mention electric vehicle charging whenever we visit a motel.

We traveled 1199 miles for a cost of $80.  DC Fast charging (> 25 kw) from ChargePoint cost 43 cents per killowatt-hour and from EA (Pass Membership), 31 cents.  The over-all Bolt efficiency was 3.8 miles/ kw-h.  Details are in the table below.

Restrictions due to corona virus limited our dinning options while charging and otherwise.  Recent fires near Talent, OR made motel rooms scarce along I-5 in that area.  Navigation using our phone to a charger was a challenge on two occasions due to cell coverage.  Despite this, it was a very enjoyable trip.


Waldport Trip power 10_20.pdf

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