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VW e-up (Seat Mii electric + Skoda Citygo e) live data ?

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I wonder if it would be possible to have life data into ABRP from a VW e-up / Seat Mii electric / Skoda e-citygo ?

I think (to be checked) that SOC for it is available in Torque Pro (not completely sure) and OVMS (for sure) !

Any help / advice welcome 

Thank You / Gilles

One more question would be if (in the ABRP release planning) a direct connection from ABRP to OBD2 is planned ?

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Hi @Gilles.B,

We will soon offer a new type of connection which will support VW e-up, Seat Mii electric and Skoda e-citigo + more so stay tuned ?

We do plan on offering a direct connection to OBD2 possible but currently our partners still have to get the hardware approved for sale before it can be made available to the public.


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Hi @Gilles.B, @windhose, @Michiel,

Pardon my tardiness! Since about a month back we offer the option to link ABRP with Tronity. This is an entirely wireless connection and it requires no hardware, pricing may vary depending on model, if I'm not mistaken some vehicles where they only can provide very limited data the service is free for. They do offer a 14-day trial so it's absolutely worth a try ? 

Supported models include VW e-Up!, Seat Mii, Skoda CitiGo EV.

Website: https://www.tronity.io

Sadly I don't have any updates on direct connection between ABRP and OBD2.


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Tronity is not an option, cause the Citigo just send it's data at Start and End of a drive. That's my experience with Citigo and Tronity a few days ago.
So I would be happy if we could get OBD2 Support for Citigo. Using an OBD2 Bluetooth Dongle is quite easy.

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