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Minimum charge time option

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Description: It would be great to have a minimum charge time option. A few trips I have planned show a 1 or 2 minute charge to keep me at my ideal arrival or charge percentage. I would personally be ok dipping slightly to avoid a 2 minute supercharge. 

Use Case: every trip planned. 

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Good suggestion!

This is one that might be better as a planner improvement instead of another setting.  One problem we're currently working on is how to keep the settings page from getting overbloated.  Right now it's fairly daunting for a new user.  We are working on the "useless" charge stops though, so hopefully not something you have to deal with for very long!

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I am planning a route to the Grand Canyon, and set a waypoint in Sante Fe, NM for a meal. The route has me stopping in Trinidad, CO, but only stopping for 6 minutes, then stopping in Las Vegas, NM for a 8 minute charge. I would prefer that it either skip the Las Vegas stop, or allow me to set a minimum of 10 minutes. The calculations seem to stress more about the arrival charge percent rather than departure from last charger percent. I would rather leave a charger with more and arrive with more than to push my minimum arrival percentage.

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