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Draco Argentum

Add option to show 24h time instead of AM/PM

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Hi @Draco Argentum,

Totally! And we've actually already fixed this, units etc. is now tied to the language you select. Selecting Swedish, or if you'd prefer English; "English United Kingdom" will display times in 24h format instead. (The iOS app update is still in review but should be out soon, Android an web is all done)


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Thanks, that works!
But, I would really like to use the app ABPR in American English and still be able to tweak units/formats to my liking.
E.g. It would be great to be able to view predicted wind speed in km/h instead of m/s since I use km/h for my car's speed. Same units and no need to multiply by 3.6 in my head ? 

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