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Charge stops on Autobahn only

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I just returned from holidays where we had to cross complete Germany. I agree with Claudia that ABRP considers too many stops too far away from the Autobahn as there are plenty ones at almost any Raststätte or Autohof. I finally made my own planning as the calculated charges were not logic. I tried the settings like Charging stops, but not resulting in a satisfying route. 

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Can you please provide a plan where this happened? I also did quite some planning in Germany already and I can not confirm this. It either uses the chargers at Autobahnraststätte or at Rasthof near Autobahn but i never had to leave for a City or so to charge.

Did you maybe prefer Aldi chargers or other free chargers? Preferred chargers could cause the planning to behave like this when calculating the route to use more of the preferred chargers.

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