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Route lost after two days work, recovery options??

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I spent the last two days making an incredibly detailed route. Thanks for the great software, I can find no other solution that comes close. I located every J1772 and destination charger to circumnavigate the lower 48 states and put them into a single trip. There is no save function, to save my work over my previous work, no versioning, but what I have relied on is the fact that each time I go back into ABRP my route is there, unchanged.
After finishing it yesterday evening I was writing a bug report for the guys at PlugShare for I was always losing data during this task (PlugShare.com was a major source for data on this trip since you guys cannot agree to share data, I did it by hand). They had responded asking for a detailed description of how to reproduce the issue, so I tried to quit and restart Safari, the data in PlugShare vanished, as expected (should call it BugShare), but my route in ABRP also changed, it was limited to California thru Texas, the very first hour of work I did on the route.
I opened ABRP and closed it immediately when I saw the issue. Is there a way to recover my work? I tried to open it in Chrome but that showed a route I was working on the last time I had Chrome open. I thought it would show the route based on who you are logged in as, but perhaps the route is based on the cookies in the browser?
[Geez, ironic, just lost a couple of paragraphs in this message, trying again]
If the route I worked on for the last two days is gone what strategy should I have implemented? Save my work every time I get up and go back later and delete the extra ones by hand?  Could you guys implement a working area or folder for the 500 versions I create? Or a versioning system, so I name the route and each time I save it gets a .1 or .2? Currently, it is impossible to see more than one saved complex route at a time on screen, and there is no creation date listed so it's easy to get confused.
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I think an "update saved" button would be pretty easy to implement, but as of now, not yet, aside from saving a new copy & deleting the old one.  You can rename your plans using the button on the Saved Plans list shaped like a pencil, which would allow you versioning if you like.  The route shown on reloading the page is the one stored in local browser memory from the last time you planned a route in that browser.

Unfortunately, without the UUID it would be very difficult to retrieve the old plans (I'll PM you with some options).

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Jason, thanks for PM'ing me the offer to try and find the missing Route using some of the destinations I remember. After sending them I texted you this:


Perhaps I am responding to a change you made in the interface. I opened ABRP just after sending that message and there was sadly just the plan traveling as far as New Orleans. BUT, when I hit the "< Back" button in the interface it took me to the planner that seems to show all my destinations from two days of work. I hit Plan Route and it jumped back to the same stop in New Orleans page, but it showed at the top that it was still planning the route, so I waited and it just updated to show the route of the entire plan. Panic over.

So, chalk that one up to being confused by the interface. Sorry for the bad mentions above, I do still think it would be nice if there was a more complete save feature, and who knows what caused the Plan it was showing to NOT include all the newer chargers I had added, perhaps that too is something that can be tweaked. Off to play with it some more.


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