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Bugsnag makes ABRP unusable

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After few minutes of working with ABRP, your user tracker and user monitor "bugsnag" tries to write anything to their servers, up to several connections per second. Not that is a really bad thing, it makes ABRP really slow. Clicking on the map to select a charger is impossible. Why is that?

I blocked the URL, but this crappy JavaScript is still trying to connect and slows everything down.

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Thanks for reporting! We use Bugsnag to catch all crashes, which is extremely useful for us. This also means leaving "breadcrumbs", which in our case means all pages visited in the app so we can see the sequence of events until a crash. We don't track anything else there. Anyhow, it should of course not make things slow! 

What platform is this - browser or app? Is it reproducible?


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