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ABRP Premium for EQC?

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Hi @ChrisEQC,

An alpha model of the Mercedes-benz is available. All models are available to all users, there are none that are exclusive to premium. However there are currently certain premium features which are not supported with this model as we at the moment have not found a way to provide a connection for live data. Those features are:

- My drives (we're currently looking into supporting logs for non-linked vehicles also)
- Sharing vehicle data
- Charging notifications
- Geofence notifications

Note that, you may use the Apple watch app however you will not be able to see the live SoC or position of the car.

If you would know of a possible way to connect the car model we'd be happy to look into if we can make it work with ABRP.


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Hi @Katya (ABRP),

thanks for your feedback!


Yes, my question was related to the premium features.


Unfortunately I can't really help you to connect to the EQC. I am more a user than a techie ?  But in case I can somehow support your techies and I can try out something on my EQC, please let me know.


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