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Steve Davies

Electrified app discussion in English?

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Does anyone know where there is discussion about the Android Electrified app in English?

This is the app that allows live data to be fed to ABRP?

I'm trying to get it working such that my trips are logged to ABRP without me having to make manual intervention.  But the i3 shuts down the OBD2 port a while after the car is shut down.  At that point Electrified throws up a dialog "Not able to communicate with the car".  As far as I can tell that's the end of the story until you tap ok and reconnect.  For me it would be great if the app would attempt to reconnect by itself.



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4 hours ago, Nobody Famous said:

Have you tried replying to the developer by email?


 Ralf Bremeier 



Thanks for the suggestion,

I'm making some progress with understanding the i3 OBD2 setup and I'm looking to add support to OVMS (openvehicles.com) which would provide a dedicated feed from a dedicated box in the car.

So I'm using Electrified but long term hoping to be able to use OVMS.


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