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Charging stopp not listed?

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Description: Routing map is showing a charge but list does not - but shows wrong distances

This is just a route with 50% charge at start, so distance might not be possible w/o a charge. However, first charge is (possibly) shows as destination.

If I play around with the start charge (50% in this example) to 45%, charger is shown. 55% does not need a charger and route is fine. At 52% this strange route appears. At 46% and less charger is listed.



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OT: This i find very fascinating! You know the planner ist powerful if it knows you can spend more energy and take the autobahn to save two minutes one way but not the other.

Also for green light, fellow bavarian, with this route you can take a quick charge in Dachau if the weather on the way home get particularly gnarly and you suddenly wouldnt make it.

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