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Planning hotel stops

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Hi @Janice,

If the chargers already are in ABRP you can add them as waypoints either by:

1. inputting them directly in your list of destinations by typing their names + network name and selecting the option from the dropdown which has a red charger icon. These locations are recognised as chargers in ABRP.

2. Finding the charger on the map, clicking it and select 'add waypoint'

If the charger however is not recognised in ABRP, you can add a manual charging stop. To begin with, you'll have to add the hotels address of course.

Once you have the location added, either as recognised charger or just the hotel location, we can add / adjust the charging duration. You can do so by, in the list of destinations clicking the little gears placed to the right of the address / name. You'll then have a menu of different options for the stop. By 'Charge here' you can add / adjust the charge.

You may either tell the planner to charge for a certain period of time or until a certain SoC / %. You can switch by clicking the blue button 'FOR' to have it change to 'TILL' as in 'till x %'.

Enter the power which the charger delivers, for instance 50 kW and the duration, such as 09h 00m OR if you've selected 'TILL' '80' % or whichever SoC you'd prefer to leave at.

You may also adjust the departure time in this menu, to tell the planner you're leaving a different day and time.




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I think a useful feature here would be for ABRP to show you all hotels with charging along a route. Right now I have to jump over to Plugshare, plan the route there, filter on Amenity "Lodging", and then find the suitable hotel and come back and plug that address into ABRP.

It would be super useful if I could just say "Show me hotels with charging along my route" within ABRP itself.

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