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i3 Range Extender models

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Hi experts, really jazzed by the real-world usefulness of this app! Thank you!

I just acquired an i3 with range extender. Not sure if range extender facet is missing because it's ICE or because of a lack of data.

Seems like maximum range is by using Bimmercode to allow the initial segment to be run on gasoline at full 2.4 gallon to empty, maintaining maximum charge from there to finish a segment with battery. Assuming 40MPG on the range extender, that's about 100 additional miles front loaded to the range, or about 225-250 depending on efficiency.

An i3 with unofficial mods like this is not standard and would confuse many users, so I am not sure it would be correct for it to be in the model selection. I tried to make a "custom car" in my own account, but that didn't seem possible either. 

Any thoughts on what the best solution here is?

Thanks again, Brian

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The reduced REX capacity is just a US thing. The rest of the world gets full tank capacity. You can code both the usable fuel capacity as well as the hold state of charge to force the REx ON (<75% Battery)

I have a 60Ah REx with CCS1. Most of Australia has CCS2/CHAdeMO charging infrastructure. I’ve now got an adapter.

I’ve done some planning with ABRP to explore the possibility of travelling longer distances. To account for the extra range of the REx I just picked a bigger battery and adjusted the range. I would likely just run the battery down to 7% and allow the REx to kick in automatically. Burn the Coal before the Petrol ? 

It’s probably a small use case to add the complexity to ABRP to just for a REx i3 though it could potentially expand to other PHEV models for a larger audience.

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