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Witold Baryluk

Clicking down arrow in Departure SoC first time puts -1% SoC.

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Firefox 78 ESR.




Clicking down ONCE the down arrow:




Showing -1%, instead of 30%.


If Instead I click it once up, it shows:



1% , instead of 32%.


I believe the problem is the HTML input tag's `placeholder` attribute. It shows 31 a grey colour suggestion, but it looks like a real current value. But in reality the current `value` is empty. Not even 0. It is empty.

I think  instead of a `placeholder`, it should have a value 31%, which is apparently used by default for the EV configuration I tested.

Also the spinner allows to go below 0 and above 100. I am not sure that is good. Yes, it indicates it in red using some JS validation, but it can be done using pure HTML afaik, using `min` and `max` tag attributes: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTML/Element/input/number

Same with SoC at destination.

And same with field for charging power at charging station dailog. It can similarly be input limited to `min=1` maybe? and depending on database, maybe also set `step` or `list` attribute. and some sane max, like `max=400`.


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Hi Katya.

It is not just a placeholder. It actually uses 31% as a default when doing a plan, if I don't fill that field. I cleared the cookies and opened abrt a new, selected some other car, and some new route. It assumed 90% initial Departure SoC, makes perfect sense. And it is 90% in the settings, and it also shows there as a placeholder, not a value. The placeholder in Deprature settings, SoC  shows 90. But it should be a value maybe? Or does it have some weird interactions with settings?

I am not sure why I got 31 yesterday. Maybe because I was using different car model for testing. Not sure.

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