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New Simple Driving Mode: New arrow and ABRP icon are not responsive

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Description: Simple driving mode is not responsive
Type: ABRP App 4.0.21 with iPad mini 5 iOS 14.0.1
Link to Plan: If the bug is in finding a route, please copy the plan link here (found under "Share").  
Replication Steps:
  1. Click on new arrow to switch to Simple Driving Mode
  2. Left upper new up-down arrow and right upper ABRP Icon are not responsive
  3. Only chance to go back is by closing app
Remember, the more detail you can provide in your bug report, the faster we can fix it!


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I would like to specify the error description: The problem concerns the following new feature in 4.0.21:

For large screens (and landscape layouts) the non-map content is now shown to the left (or right) and only taking as much space as it needs. It can even be collapsed to show the map in full sceen - not completely different from a classic ABPR mode you may know.

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