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[New Car] Ioniq Facelift 38kWh

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It would be nice to have the Ioniq Facelift with 38,3kWh battery in the planner to start planning trips and comparing.
Just a copy of the existing Ioniq model but with the bigger battery wuld suffice, as the new mass and charging curve is unknown still but the rest should be the same (or about) anyways.

Driving Model:

Option 1 - Analytical - Same as Ioniq 28kWh except mass, which is unknown. Battery capacity is 38,3kWh


Charging Model:

Charge Curve - Unknown, Expect not worse thatn Ioniq 28kWh

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I reduce the consumption by 30% to see this impact. (144 Wh/km @110kw/hr /38 * 28 )

This implicity assumes that the fastcharging will still take the same time from 0-80%, so also 30% faster

It's easy to add a bit of time to the fast charging mitigate this impact (e.g. bij comparing fast charging time of a route with the one for normal Ioniq settings


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