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Houston to Big Bend in a Bolt

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Earlier this year, I drove from Houston to Big Bend in a rented ICE, and absolutely loved the park.  We cannonballed the drive (woke up at 5am and drove straight there), and I think it would be much more enjoyable to split the drive up and drive electric!  I've been following the build-out of Electrify America's network, and I've identified a route that will work to get me to and from Big Bend once just one more of their chargers is available.

The Plan

The crux of the plan is the Electrify America charger they're building in Fort Stockton.  From there, it's a pretty easy hop down into Big Bend.  With a Bolt, we'll need to camp in the Rio Grande Village, as they have full RV hookups (NEMA 14-50s), which will make driving around the park a breeze.  

The other big gap on the plan is the huge empty space between San Antonio and Fort Stockton.  Eventually this will be filled with chargers, but for now I'll need to plan accordingly.  There are a huge number of RV parks along I-10, so I've selected one that looks interesting, the Caverns of Sonora, which I think we'll actually take some of a day at to explore and see the sights.  On the way back, I'll probably pick one based on the niceness of the area, or just stay at Caverns of Sonora again.

The other important piece of my plan is my Quick Charge Power Jesla Jr.  Using this I can plug into any RV Plug I come across and get maximum juice.  I've got NEMA 14-50, 5-15, TT-30, and a 6-50, which covers every plug I've seen at an RV Park.  

It'll be a fair chunk longer in an EV, but if my Lost Maples trip is any indicator, much more enjoyable.

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Your enthusiasm for your car and the trips reminds me of some of the early Tesla adopters.  They talk about trips before Superchargers were widespread and far apart.  One guy talked about having to drive below 40 mph to reach his destination.  Congrats to you for being ahead of the pack!

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Haha, thanks! It should be a fun trip, really looking forward to the infrastructure catching up.  What I wouldn't give to be able to buy a Supercharger adapter for my car, though I'd really be slowing down the guy behind me in line, with the Bolt's max charge rate of 55kW

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