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Cannot log into ABRP.com in tesla model 3 browser

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As subject says. I can log into my (premium) account on my mac in safari, and on my phone and ipad apps, but not the browser in my model 3. It just tells me my email or password is wrong, which I've checked numerous times, and they're fine. 

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I have the same Issue.... I could login in on every device but not on the model 3 Browser.  :-/

I´ve changed my passwort to an easy to type one... but it doesn´t help. And a typo wasn´t the problem. 

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Hi @Habib,

This is not the same issue OP refers to logging into ABRP in the browser of a Tesla, not the linking process of the actual car.

The issue which prevented new connections from being established has been fixed in version 4.0.44, please try again using the web version. Updates to 4.0.44 will soon be available for iOS and Android as well.


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Hello Katya

I use the 4.0.44 but the answer is always:
"Error! A problem occurred while passing data to the vehicle. Please try later. 

And its not possible to login to ABRP with given browser in Tesla model 3 LR 2021

Is it only possible with premium? 



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Hi @ghockmann,

No, this is not a restriction with premium. Both linking your Tesla to ABRP as well as logging into ABRP in your Tesla's browser is entirely free.

However we have seen issues with the Tesla browser, we've recently taken a deeper look at this but we haven't been able to find a way to fix it. It'll work for some users but not all. At the moment we're looking into other login methods that might make it work.

I just checked your account and noticed you haven't created a saved vehicle to link. Have you tried the following?

1. Go into: Settings (detailed) > Car model > Add my car
2. Specify the vehicle model, name it
3. Select the linking option 'Link MyTesla'
4. Log in with your Tesla credentials


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Thank you Katya. Now it is linked. Can select it. AND.... it works !! Yeh! Both, from mac book and from mobile device (Pixel-Android). Great support. Greetings from Germany . Best regards, Gottfried 

Bildschirmfoto 2021-06-11 um 12.08.47.png

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