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What is this graphic / icon / indicator next to each stop?


I noticed on the new UI there is this green/gray graphic / indicator next to each stop:


However there is no legend or or anything to explain what these various bars/dashes represent. I'm assuming charger availability? But it's not clear at all how to read this thing. I would expect that hovering the mouse over it would bring up some pop up with a legend or explanation, but nope.

If I click on that first stop I get another graphic:


This looks... somewhat similar to the smaller one on the trip overview... but not really? And still no explanation for what it means. Why does the trip overview only have 1 row, and this one has two rows? I guess the green boxes mean the charger is available? Does gray mean it's down, not working, in use? Why isn't there a legend or something that explains this?



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Hi @irwinr,

Yes, this is a visual representation of charger status, added not too long ago.

Filled green = Functioning and available
Green outline = Functioning
Red = Occupied
Gray = Unknown
Black with red X = Out of order

Regarding availability (which are actually in use), this is a premium feature hence non-premium users will only see which are functioning or broken and of course which ones we don't have information on yet.

Why there is only one row initially, is because what's shown are only the types of chargers you've chosen for the trip. When clicking on it it'll display information on all chargers there are on site.

We will make and provide a manual in the near future, it's simply been one task too much for our small team. But until then we happily answer your questions through email, social media and of course this forum.


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