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One of the craziest trip!

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hi, I did plan and drove a trip that abrp wasn't able to plan as a single trip!

I did run my ioniq ev from Montréal to Vancouver and back to Montreal in 14 day's!

Yes 34 fast charge to get halfway and back on a 10'000km journey with 200km range and some areas without service (no lvl 2 and no lvl 3) for 230km gaps!

An average above 700km daily, single driver without backups!

I currently own a French Canadian Facebook page named 'Grands voyageurs électrique'. A site that offers help and show amazing road-trips with less then a drop of petrol based fuel!

Like a chevy spark ev that did travel from Ottawa to 'les îles de la madeleine'! Forgot to mention then that trip was never above -5°c on near 1'500km! And same on the way back home!

Your app is amazing!

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Hi @Pierre-Yves Dagenais,

Impressive! And thank you for the kind feedback!

I think the route technically is doable in ABRP (with information about charger networks etc) but since we have a timeout for how long time a trip can take to be calculated, trips that are very long such as across the continent and back, do fail most times. Hence it is recommended just to cut it up in 2 plans, forth and back.


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