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Degradation displayed in ABRP

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Question to the developer(s):

How do you calculate the displayed degradation when the car is linked to the app?

Mine showed 1.4% when first linked, which changed to 1.1% where it stayed for a long while. On a recent trip, it jumped to 9% while at a supercharger (which I find a little excessive for one charging session ;D). On the last session of the trip, the degradation slowly decreased to the 7.7% it displays now. Haven't been to a supercharger for a while, so I don't know what it would display at the moment, but I can't really understand, why the car would show such a jump in degradation and would love to have some insights into how the app calculates that value.
Thanks (:


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For Tesla we don't have a way to directly retrieve the degradation or capacity so we calibrate while charging.  The Tesla API reports how much energy is fed to you by the charger, so we track that against your battery percentage to determine the degradation.  That said, the process could probably do with some refinement, as with only a few measurements it's prone to the behavior you describe.

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