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Missing Elevation Data for Part of Journey

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Description: Im trying to plan a route from Kuala Lumpur to Penang. Ive noticed that the elevation data for the first 129km of the journey is missing.
I've tried to plan another journey from Kuala Lumpur to First World Hotel, Genting Highlands and found the same issue. 
Type: App & website 
Link to Plan: 
Is there something wrong with map data or ABRP?  www.evnavigation.com gives me better routing SOC estimations for KL - Genting / KL - Penang routes as I believe it takes into account the elevation changes. 
KL to Genting is an uphill drive that'll use up around 25-30% SOC (as per evnavigation and tested). on ABRP it estimates consumption of 11%. A huge difference. 

Attached are some photos of the two journeys. 
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