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Can no longer choose different Superchargers on route, and SoC not pulling from Tesla live data


Hi, I stepped away from making long drives due to the pandemic but I need to map out a trip this weekend and went to use ABRP but noticed some of my favorite features are gone. 

  1. Before, when I create a route, ABRP would pick Superchargers along the route but I could click on them then choose forward or back and have it give me other choices that would work. This allows me to customize my stops per trip if I know I need to visit a store at a particular SC location or avoid another SC I know might be crowded for a particular weekend. I know I can always choose to avoid SC's permanently but that's not what I want to do
  2. For trip start SoC it used to be able to pull from my logged in Tesla account. I confirmed I am logged in but it's not pulling live data and I don't see a way to turn this on.

Any help would be appreciated and I am sorry if this is just how the app "works" now. Please let me know if that's the case.

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Hi @sygyzy,

1. Yes, we used to have the option to do like one can do on google maps, to drag the route a little by adding a waypoint. However it doesn't really make for a great experience when using the app and touch screens. You can however right-click on the map and do: 'add waypoint' which gives the same result, a step in the plan to take a bit of a detour but not necessarily a stop where you spend extra time but that can also be adjusted and added.

Currently if there is a charger in your plan which you'd like to avoid, you'd have to avoid it permanently. You can of course allow it again later. 

2. If you're still having this issue contact us at support@iternio.com and we'll get it sorted!


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