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Need to parse PlugShare data

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It's been a while since I've wanted to write this comment for ABRP developers to see, however I have no idea whether they visit the forums here at all...

The most up-to-date charging platform afaik is Plugshare. Around here in SE Europe, at least. However, ABRP seems to parse data from lots of sources, except from PlugShare. Is it because there seems to be a similar route planning feature is PlugShare as well? Anyway, just added a couple of charging stations on OpenChargeMap, boy it was an experience. GoingElectric is also a no go, since it's only in German and the interface is super awful.

Would really like to see PlugShare parsing. They also got a great API, so I guess it wouldn't be that hard, afaik...

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Yeah OpenChargeMap seems like a black hole to me.  You submit data but nothing ever happens.

I don't know why chargers aren't just added to OpenStreetMap directly, I don't see the value in another layer there, particularly one with such a gatekeeping attitude.

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Yes, it's similar in my experience in Mid-Atlantic/NorthEast US.  There are chargers at rest areas on the New Jersey Turnpike, as well as along I-95 in Maryland that don't show up in ABRP at all (which is really surprising; surely the absolute most desirable chargers for a road trip are those that are literally in the rest areas). Plugshare shows all of these along with charger status, etc. when available. The weird thing is I'm almost sure that these showed up in older versions of ABRP.  So I'm not sure if the charger sources got changed or what.


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