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Houston to Lost Maples in a Bolt

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First things first: the plan!

This was the first road trip I took in my Bolt, before I had started working with @Bo (ABRP) on the route planner, so I had used a spreadsheet to calculate the route, charging stops, and charging percentages.  The drive was actually very nice, coming from a PHEV (Volt), I actually really appreciated the long-ish charging stops.

The first stop, at Katy Mills Mall (one of several chargers along that corridor) was great.  We took our dog with us on this trip, and she really enjoyed the large empty lots next to the Mall while we waited the 30 minutes to get enough charge for the next hop.  The next stop, at San Marcos Premium Outlets was right next to the Supercharger, which was where I saw my first in-person Model 3.  There were several dog-friendly restaurants with outdoor seating, we ate at Johnny Rockets, which turned out to be pretty good!

We stopped overnight at a friend's house in San Antonio, near the Santikos Silverado Level 2 charger.  We charged mostly at their house, and a little bit at the Santikos Silverado at dinner.

Lost Maples itself was a treat.  They have TT-30 plugs in the campgrounds, which isn't much better than a standard house plug for the Bolt.  We wanted to go Backpacking, though, so we didn't plug in at all at the state park.  Having educated myself on Teslas for quite a while, I was worried about the vampire drain as I was parking over the weekend.  I knew it was minor, so I added sufficient buffer in my spreadsheet to account for it.  Turns out the Bolt doesn't have any vampire drain to speak of! Exactly the same battery percentage when we left as when we arrived.

The drive back was much the same, stopped for lunch at San Marcos, and picked up a quick charge on our way back into Houston.  Overall an excellent trip, would absolutely recommend it!


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