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Torque with Ioniq EV Facelift 38kWh

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I own an Ioniq Facelift 38kWh.

In the app there is no option to connect the car via torque. For the pre-facelift model (28kWh) the option is there.

Is there any possibility to use ABRP with torque on an Ioniq facelift?

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@muhmann: did you try with evnotify (setup is easier, if you incl. the advanced setting to: background mode = on, which is in the hidden settings menu, that you can reach by tapping the version number in the rightbelow corner of the normal settings menu multiple times)?


On torque: you would also need an Ioniq 38kWh PID i think.

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Yes, evnotify works with abrp.

I'd like to use torque because it is capable of showing much more informations than evnotify.

It doesn't seem to be possible to run evnotify and torque at the same time.

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