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Option to auto use chargers with "limited function"

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When planning possibly broken chargers are not used automatically with the message "This charger has limited function and is not used in automatic planning. Check web page!"
I would like an option to make these chargers used by the planner again, but with a short warning message to check availability myself.

Use Case: 
Nowadays there are many charging spots at one location and only one charger of many is possibly broken, maybe not even one you can use (example: using ccs, chademo is broken).
Another possible usecase would be to plan trips in advance, where the charging spot will probably be fixed until then. One would, of course, need to replan with the option unchecked one day in advance to get the actual usable route or confirm the previously planned route.
Or to just find the optimal route if all charging spots were working as intended.


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This is something we've considered, as well as allowing "planned" chargers (IE those that are not yet constructed) in planning.  Ideally, though, we need to get more detailed information from the providers on their charger status, so we can plan accordingly, if it's just one CCS port down, and there are three others available we should still direct you to use the charger without a special option.

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