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Missing Supercharger | Washington, PA

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331 Washington Rd
Washington, PA

Date Opened   2020-08-05
GPS                  40.1873056, -80.2293889
Hours               24/7
Stalls                 8
Power               250 kW
	"id": 2328,
	"locationId": "washingtonpasupercharger",
	"name": "Washington, PA",
	"status": "OPEN",
	"address": {
		"street": "331 Washington Rd",
		"city": "Washington",
		"state": "PA",
		"zip": "15301",
		"countryId": 100,
		"country": "USA",
		"regionId": 100,
		"region": "North America"
	"gps": {
		"latitude": 40.1873056,
		"longitude": -80.2293889
	"dateOpened": "2020-08-05",
	"stallCount": 8,
	"counted": true,
	"elevationMeters": 370,
	"powerKilowatt": 250,
	"solarCanopy": false,
	"battery": false,
	"statusDays": 0,
	"urlDiscuss": true


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