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Daisy the Road Rocket

Logon confusion


I'm logged into the forum (obviously), but when I try to use the planner it asks me to login and doesn't accept the stored credentials in my browser. 

If I try to create a new account under my email address, I'm told that one already exists. 

Clicking on "forgot your password" says that a password reset email was sent. No such email arrives, and I've checked trash and spam.

Hence the confusion.

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Got the new email verification request and clicked on it.  That seemed to work.  Clicking on the verification link a second time gets an error, which is probably expected.

Still, when I click through "forgot password", I get a "A password reset email has been sent", but no email ever arrives.  Checked spam and trash.

Interestingly, if I try the "forgot password" link a second time, then press the "reset password" button, I get "Wrong email or password" instead of "A password reset email has been sent".

Perhaps you could just delete my account and let me start over?

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Hi @Daisy the Road Rocket,

I took a closer look and it seems you've created this account by logging in with your google account. If you could try logging in using your google account you can when logged in create a password for your account. Easiest way to do this is on web.

Or email us at support@iternio.com using the email connected to the account and I'll simply delete the account ?


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