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Ou Boet

Vertical Scales on Graphs/Profiles

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Description: Inconsistent vertical scales for elevation and battery % graphs.
Type: App and Website
Link to Plan: 
Replication Steps:
Any route planned
Once a route is planned the elevation and battery % profiles are displayed.  The scales for each are based on the total spread for that route.  For routes with minimal spreads, the profiles are greatly exaggerated and always different.  So a quick glance at a profile is not particularly informative.
  • Suggest always displaying the battery % profile between 0% and 100%, even if this produces flatter lines for short trips - which I think is actually more intuitive.
  • Suggest that the elevation profile always defaults to ranges of 250m (min), 500m 1,000m, 1,500m, or more if required (depending on actual spread).  The minimum value can be set as the closest round multiple of 50, 100 or 250 for the trip (dependent on the actual spread).  This way, hilly routes will look hilly and flat routes will look flat.
Eg 1:   Trip with elevation spread from 26m to 56m.  Graph displays from 0m to 250m  (250m elev range)
Eg 2:   Trip with elevation spread from 76m to 145m.  Graph displays from 0m to 250m (250m elev range)
Eg 3:   Trip with elevation spread from 576m to 723m.  Graph displays from 500m to 750m (250m elev range)
Eg 4:   Trip with elevation spread from 257m to 965m.  Graph displays from 250m to 1250m (1,000m elev range)
Eg 5:   Trip with elevation spread from 897m to 1809m.  Graph displays from 750m to 2250m  (1,500m elev range)
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