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California to Colorado Bolt round trip - repeat

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The route plan included new charging locations from our May 2019 trip.  They were a great help!  Now, the only long run (213 miles) is between Elko and Tooele.  Charging in Nevada was at Fernley (new), Winnemucca, Battle Mountain (new) and Elko.

In Utah we charged at Tooele, Spanish Fork and Green River (new).  We made an unplanned charge stop in Price (new) at the Price City Offices where ChargePoint has 2 DC Fast chargers and 2 Level 2 chargers which are free!  The nearby museum was closed.  In Colorado, we charged at Grand Junction, Glenwood Springs (new),  Frisco, (new) and Littleton (new).

Returning, we charged longer at some stops to skip chargers in Glenwood Springs, Spanish Fort and Battle Mountain.  The total trip was 2416 miles.   We used 617.1 Kw-h of energy for efficiency of 3.9 miles/Kw-h.  The cost for electricity was $180, or 7 cents per mile.  Total time spent charging, and doing other things, was 16 hours for an average charge power of 38 Kw.  Our average cost of electricity was 29 cents/ Kw-h.

We had to phone Electrify America for help with the new-to-us smart phone app and because several chargers at the Winnemucca Walmart did not work.  We had no other problems.  We also used ChargePoint and EVgo.  We used our iPhone Maps.  We did not see another electric car charging.

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More realistic cost data should adjust for free charging at Price, UT.  This was 64.3 Kw-h for both coming and going.  If we use 40 cents/ Kw-h, the realistic total cost for electricity would be $206 or 9 cents per mile.  The average cost of electriity would be 33 cents per Kw-h.  Note also that my driving was speed limit or 70 mph maximum (slower for Ely to Tooele).

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