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Maximum Driving Time

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Description:  Setting a Maximum driving time before breaking a journey,

Use Case: So, sometimes the planner will put in a stop after 20 mins or so to add enough charge to the battery to meet the final charge conditions at the next stop (or destination). This can break the journey into unequal parts, sometimes quite large differences. I usually do not drive without a stop after around 2 hours. The case above means that if the second part of the journey is longer then I would need to stop anyway for a break, regardless of the battery charge. This adds a stop which could have been a charging stop as well.


This problem can also occur where a simple 'long journey' is broken into parts that are longer than, say, two hours.

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I have a similar use case.
With small children, you need to have more regular breaks than you might have when driving alone, but also alone, I would not drive longer than 2h.
Currently I add manually charging points on abrp plan within 100-150km to have at least a break after 1h for the kid and to follow the ev rule ‘if he’s standing, he’s charging’, wouldn’t make sense to have a break at a motorway service station without charging point. An automatic function for planning a route with ‘Plan breaks within every X-Y h’ would be very helpful.
I attached an example for a summer holiday planning. For sure stop times will be higher than shown charge durations. But we would need to make them anyway.

added points.png

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I would like to see a maximum daily driving time with the ability to stop at destination chargers so you could charge to a high SOC before departing the next day.  So if you had a thirty-six hour journey you could spec no more then twelve hours of driving per day and it would break the trip up into three days, with destination chargers at the end of the first two days.

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